George Barbier: The Birth Of Art Deco

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George Barbier: The Birth Of Art Deco
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Well-known in collecting circles, George Barbier (1882-1932) remains largely unknown to the wider public who may be more familiar with Art Deco artists like Erte and Aubrey Beardsley from the same era.

The Fortuny Museum in Venice recently hosted a painstakingly assembled and comprehensive exhibition on the life and work of Barbier, one of the key artists of the Art Deco movement. To accompany the show, curator Barbara Martonelli wrote this book in which she explores the artist’s fashion illustrations, his friendship and relationship with Louis Cartier, his sets and costume designs for the theater and the ballet, and his exquisite illustrations for books, magazines and posters.

George Barbier’s work deserves examination and rediscovery by all design enthusiasts of the early 20th century. The book is an essential reference and a must-have for the well-rounded design and fashion library.

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